Below is a list of items we would like to renovate the gym in priority order. To donate the money for one of these items, click "donate" at the bottom of the list; can’t pay for the whole item? Donate any amount to help us on our way.


1. Permanent Adjustable baskets on the East Court. Approx. cost $7,000 (Achieved)

2. A Floor to Ceiling Curtain to Divide the Gym. Approx. cost $5,000

3. Two TV’s (for scorekeeping/updates) for the South/North Walls $5,000 (Halfway there!)

4. Flower Bed/Stucco Barriers for the SW Entrance/Parking access $3,000 (Achieved)

5. Three Bounce Houses for Special Events $5,000 (Achieved)

6. Inspirational Banners for the South Wall $1,000

7. Painted Murals throughout the gym $1,500

8. Basket Pads $500 (Achieved)

9. Floor Cleaning Equipment including a new machine $10,000

10. Tablet Scoreboard operating system $1,000 (Achieved)

11. Gym Ventilation Fan System $4,000

12. Electrical Outlets run for bounce houses $3,000

13. Floor covers for volleyball poles in floor $1,500

14. Removal of discontinued fire hose boxes for safety $1,000

15. Moving drinking fountain to office entryway $800

16. Gym door repair and renovation $1,200

17. Renovation of the Northeast entrance $2,000

Laying out the Goal

Over the next almost twenty months, we will have 20 different fundraisers, culminating with Dan’s walk in November 2014 just in time for our 20th anniversary. The goal is to raise $100,000 to apply to our S’Wish List.