Coaches Information

Coach's Conduct

1.    Shoreline Sports is an instruction-based sports program with no playoffs and/or championships. As such, we discourage overly aggressive, screaming coaches. Thank you.

2.    Our program is a ministry of Shoreline Baptist Church. Our main goal is to provide information about Jesus Christ and how we can walk and act in a manner that He would approve.

3.    We appreciate your refraining from conduct that would be considered un-Christian. This includes taking the Lord's name in vain, using profanity, demeaning the players, and criticizing the program.


Shoreline Sports Philosophy
1. We have one practice a week because we want to reach out to everyone and we understand that kids have busy schedules.
2. We have a subbing routine because we want every child to play a lot.
3. We don't keep score because we are about learning fundamentals not score.
4. We let everyone in because we don't want to turn anyone away.
5. We have a devotion time at every practice because we are a Christ-centered program and we want kids to learn about Christ.
6. We have resources in the office because we want to help people who are searching.
7. Our coaches or assistant coaches are Christians because they lead the devotion time and are examples.
8. We try and teach basics and fundamentals every practice because our main focus is that kids learn how to play.
9. We offer year-round sports because we want to be available to all the families and kids who love every sport.
10. We offer family plan packages because we want to help any family that wants to play.


Coaching Application

Dear Potential Shoreline Sports Coach,

Please read the attached packet of information. It should provide all the details for the upcoming season. If you still have questions, feel free to contact me immediately.  I need you to do the following:

1. Fill out the attached application and return it as soon as possible.

2. Attend a coaches meeting which includes Referee training in the Shoreline Gym:

            Dates TBA

3.  We will ask you to complete a form which will allow us to conduct a background check.

Our meeting will include referee workshops; it will also help familiarize you with the unique rules and procedures of our Shoreline Sports Leagues.

I can provide you with additional written information about virtually anything you need to know. 

Thank you for considering taking on this very important volunteer position. Your work will certainly affect the lives of the many young people you coach.

Coaching Application

Name ____________________________________ Phone __________________
Address __________________________________________________________
City __________________________________ Zip Code ___________________
Email Address _____________________________________________________

Please provide your shirt size ______________
List your preferred practice day and time ________________________________
What sport and season do you want to coach? ____________________________________________
If applicable, please list your children who will be playing this year:
Child's Name        Grade           Gender I plan to coach




* Have you ever coached Shoreline sports before? ______________________
* Other than Shoreline sports, please describe any coaching experience.

Are you a member of a local church? __________ Which one? _______________
Have you made a personal commitment to Jesus Christ? ______________
Please share a little about your relationship with Jesus _____________________

I understand that any negative personal habits that I have (smoking, alcohol, profanity, etc.) may have a negative effect on a child's spiritual development. Understanding that the children on my team have been placed under my guidance, I commit to setting a worthy behavioral example for them.

Coach's signature _____________________________
Date _______________________________________