Registration Instructions


REGISTRATION PROCEDURE: Complete the registration, Identification and Information, and Medical Treatment forms. Attach the registration fee of $45 if paid by May 2nd or $55 if paid on or after May 5th, and return to the school office.

Registration form - available online

Identification Information form - must be obtained from the office

Medical Treatment form - must be obtained from the office


PAYMENTS: Payment will be made in the office for Shoreline Summer Day Camp. The summer is divided into three payment periods. Payment must be made in the office no later than the Friday before the Period begins.

Period 1 payment is due by May 31; Period 2 payment is due by June 28; Period 3 payment is due by July 26.

HOLIDAYS: CAMP WILL BE CLOSED JULY 4. Tuition is the same for weeks containing holidays.


SECURITY PROCEDURES: We have established a security procedure at our school in order to insure the safety of our students. We trust we will have the full support of our parents and other caregivers responsible for picking up students.

All persons picking up children from Preschool, Elementary Child Care, or Summer Camp will be issued a Shoreline photo-identification card. The First Card is free. Additional cards are $5.00 per card.
Anyone picking up a child from Preschool, Elementary Child Care, or Summer Camp MUST show their ID card each and every time they pick up their child from the school and must sign the child out on the sign out form. Knowing the person checking you out does not invalidate the need to show your ID Card.

 LUNCH: Students must bring their lunch, drink, and morning snack from home. Some lunches will be provided as part of the program or offered for an additional fee. Please refer to the calendar or weekly scoop sheet for special lunch offerings.


DRESS: The dress code for summer is somewhat relaxed. However, remember that shoes and clothing must be appropriate to an active Christian program. Slogan and picture shirts inconsistent with school philosophy may not be worn. Straps on tank tops should be at least 1 inche wide. Shorts should have a 5-inch inseam; no short shorts. During most of the field trips, students must wear sneakers.


FIELD TRIP T-SHIRT: The registration fee includes 1 camp t-shirt to wear on all field trips. Additional shirts may be purchased for $10 in the school office. The Field Trip shirt MUST be worn on each and every field trip.


Calendars and Scoops Sheets can be picked up in the office or viewed/printed from our website. Scoop Sheets will be available no later then the Thursday prior to the upcoming week. PLEASE refer to it for up-to-date information and details.   

 If you have any questions please call 714-962-6886 or email at

scoop sheets


Our Scoop Sheets are a great source of detailed information and can be found online no later then the Friday before the upcoming week.  If you have questions not answered by the scoop sheet then please call the office or email the Camp Director at 



Refer to Scoop Sheets for up-to-date information. The main calendar is made a few months in advance and circumstances beyond our control could require changes to it.





We are offering a Summer Camp full of fun summer activities that includes, in addition to field trips, such things as arts and crafts, games and sports, reading opportunities, next grade prep, VBS, and Bible classes. Students will go on two field trips a week. A printed calendar is available in the school office or can be downloaded using the Camp Calendar button on this page. 

Camp Dates:  6/2/2014 - 8/21/2014

Early registration - By 5/2/2014

Registration - On or after 5/5/2014

Camp is CLOSED on Friday August 22th to allow for prep and meetings for the start of the new school year.

Trips and daily events are subject to change. PLEASE refer to weekly scoop sheets.



Summer Camp Information

(Revised as of 7/11/14)